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They say team work makes the dream work...

Investing in real estate can easily become complicated, scary, time consuming and overwhelming. Through options such as joint venture partnerships and private lending, we help individuals enjoy the benefits of investing without the hassle and headaches of managing the tenants and toilets that come along with it.

We follow strict metrics when assessing markets and deals, focusing on buying distressed properties at a discount and forcing appreciation through strategic, value-add renovations. Then, with our tenant screening and maintenance processes in place, we ensure that we rent to the best and the daily management and operations of your investment are handled with care.

We understand that real estate is a relationship business, requiring both trust and commitment. That’s why we guarantee to provide our partners with the highest level of respect, service, communication and transparency. We will work with you and for you to determine the best investment options for your unique goals, financial situation, personal requirements and risk tolerance.

Investment Options

Joint Venture Partnerships​

“Would you rather have half a watermelon or whole grape?”

In real estate, Joint Ventures – also known as Joint Venture or JV partnerships – are when two or more parties come together and combine valuable resources to execute a deal.

A typical joint venture consists of an Expert Partner (active) and a  Financial Partner (passive).

The Active Partner brings the knowledge, team, deals and expertise to execute the deal profitably from start to finish. The Passive Partner brings the capital for the down payment, closing costs and renovations, and holds the mortgage in their name. 

If you have mortgage qualifying ability and access to either savings or untapped equity in your home, but lack the time, knowledge or interest in being the working partner, a Joint Venture is a great option. By working with an expert you have access to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise and can start making your capital work FOR you, all while receiving high returns in a solid asset class passively.

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Private Lending


Private lending is truly the most passive real estate investing strategy, providing an excellent option for individuals who are interested in real estate investing but would prefer not to own the property or cannot qualify for a mortgage. Different from a JV, you will not have equity in the property. Instead, private lending allows you, the borrower, to lend out funds for a specific amount of time at a fixed rate of return.  As protection, your loan is secured against both the home and the land for the duration of the lending period.


Real estate investing often requires creativity to ensure solutions are beneficial to both parties, or “win-wins”. During our consultation, we will take the time to learn your own requirements and risk tolerances, allowing us to ensure when using funds, it will be in a way that suits you best.

RRSP Mortgages

Most individuals utilize RRSP’s as a vehicle to build wealth and save for retirement. However, most returns offered through RRSP Mutual Funds and GIC’s are low, and not providing the best return for your money.

Many individuals do not realize that you can use your RRSP funds at your bank to invest in real estate, without triggering the penalties and taxes that come from making a withdrawal of your funds. But how?

By structuring what is called an “Arm’s Length Mortgage”, which allows you to self-direct your investment without tax triggers or risk. One of the greatest benefits to holding a mortgage within your RRSP is that not only will your investment be protected by a real, physical asset; any mortgage payments made to you will be deposited back into your RRSP, and it won’t affect your maximum contribution.


This essentially turns YOU into the bank! Your investment, secured by a real asset (the property), allows you to collect income passively every month when rent is paid, and earn much more than the usual returns your bank is getting you (often between 8-15%)!

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