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Meet Danielle Crawford and Pier Mallet - Your Real Estate Solution Providers

Hello! We’re Danielle and Pier, an investor couple that has dedicated our free time investing in real estate so we can build wealth outside of our 9-5 jobs, experience more freedom and security in our lives and our families, and help others do the same.

After reaching out to financial experts for advice on how to make our own savings start working harder, we quickly learned the power of investing in real estate and took action. We started learning in 2020, invested in a coach and purchased 2 properties in 2021, and are continuing to scale in 2022 all while using joint venture partnerships.


Investing in real estate is not just for the rich and wealthy, which is what we used to think! Every day individuals have the ability to invest, build wealth, and create more financial security and freedom with a little help from those who know how.

We invested heavily in our education and have spent countless hours learning to invest, building a team and network of experts, and have created systems and processes to ensure maximum profits while minimizing risks throughout the real estate investing process.


We are now on a mission to share our passion and expertise with others so they too can enjoy more financial independence in their own lives, by offering our partners the opportunity to invest in lucrative real estate deals without having the knowledge, time or hands on management required to operate a rental property.

With backgrounds in project management, analysis, customer service, sales and communications, we are committed to providing the best quality service to both our tenants and partners.

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